Are Wet Rooms Popular These Days

The Popularity Of Luxury Wet Rooms

All parts of the house are important and there is no part that is less significant than the rest, whether it is the bathroom or the wet room. However, an important aspect in today’s house plan is space maximization. Not all homes are built on wide expanses. If the family is growing and space is an issue, then you have a few options and you can make extensions or minimize space where minimization is necessary. In many homes in Europe and UK, a shower cubicle is not a practical option. When the bathroom has limited space, it is almost impossible to install a cubicle for showering. The solution is to have a wet room from Landons Wet Rooms installed instead. Issues of space can be dealt with satisfactorily through establishing a less spacious shower area which can be achieved with proper planning and skillful construction.

Luxury Wet Rooms Showers and wet rooms are simple bathrooms with simple but classy design, and what sets them apart from other kinds of bathrooms is the absence of separating walls. Wet rooms or walk in showers do not typically have enclosures. Some may have but there are no doors, thus the term walk-in, and there is no total enclosure. You may think this is a bit odd but many homeowners have opted for this kind of shower room because of its advantages.

Generally, we are talking about a part of the house or a part of the bathroom that is not separated distinctly. For instance, you can see popular designs of wet rooms with three glass walls or c-shaped enclosures. The flooring is also leveled, with no elevation or depression of the wet room floor. Only there is a floor design on a small space that allows water to flow towards the drainage. This requires precise engineering because faults in the floor plan and overall construction of drainage system can render the entire structure useless and problematic. Drainage issues are troublesome for most homeowners if bathrooms have faulty pipe systems. There may also be issues of the entire bathroom getting drenched when you are bathing. This again can be dealt with through proper floor planning.

Designing a wet room involves special attention on the kind of shower you select and the room layout. Included in these considerations are the positions of cabinets, the tiling, and electrical outlets.

One of the few things to consider is the size of the bathroom. However, even if the room is not too big, you can still have a sizable wet room. There are various designs to choose from or you can customize your own design depending on available space and resources. You can check out photos of wall or ceiling mounted walk-in shower facilities. Nonetheless, if the room is too small and it is impossible to construct a wet room beside the toilet, you probably should have another small area as your wet room.

While a wet room may offer space benefits and some convenience, it is not preferred by some. If you are considering having a wet room installed in your home, make sure you have prepared the bathroom to be suitable for a wet room. There is a good chance that items inside the bathroom becomes soaked after your shower, so you probably should have cabinets for storing your tissue papers and towels. Also, have an engineer plan your flooring and drainage system to prevent water from pooling inside. Tiles should be properly selected so that you don’t end up with a slippery floor which is a hazard. Electrical devices and outlets should be well away from the splash zone to avoid electrocution.

It would be better to include a wet room upon designing your home but don’t fret if you’ve had everything established and you want changes. If you are interested in getting a wet room installed in your bathroom, contact an engineer and make sure you have the right materials.

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